There are many famous diamonds in the world; however here are the top 3.

The Cullinan diamond is perhaps the most famous diamond. It was found in South Africa in 1905 at the Premier Mine owned by Sir Cullinan and was later sold to the Transvaal government and presented to King Edward the VII. The Cullinan diamond is the largest gem grade diamond every found weighting 3,106.75 carats. It was cut into three beautiful diamonds; the largest diamond is 530 carats and called the Great Star of Africa. The second diamond cut from the Cullinan diamond is called the Lesser Star of Africa and weighs 317 carats. Both these diamond are part of the British Crown Jewels and are on display at the Tower of London. The value of these diamonds is priceless.

The Golden Jubilee is another famous diamond that was founded in 1985. The Golden Jubilee is the largest yellow – brown diamond and was found in the rough at an astonishing 755 carats. It was cut and polished down to 545 carats. The diamond was cut by master cutter Gabi Towlkowsky, who is famous for his Towlkowsky cut, most notably used on the round brilliant cut diamond. The Golden Jubilee was given to the King of Thai, King Rama IX. It’s value is said to be immeasurable.

The third most valuable diamond in the world is the Centenary Diamond. Founded in 1986, the Centenary diamond was uncovered in the Premier Diamond mine, the same mine that the Cullinan Diamond was found in. What makes this diamond extremely unique is that it is a perfect color D. A color of D in the diamond trade means that the diamond is colorless and most valuable. The Centenary Diamond is both flawless internally and externally. It was cut by Gabi Towlkowsky and has a weight of 273 carats. The value of the Centenary Diamond is said to be well over 100 million dollars, however it is very unlikely that it will be ever sold.

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